This is a 1 day event which brings together industry professionals to discuss current issues in the rail industry, to share their views and knowledge, to offer solutions and innovations, and to network with each other to search for new business leads and further to develop existing business relations. Key industry players will make groundbreaking presentations and offer reliable information to help participants understand future direction of the rail industry.

          Date & location:

·                 7th International New Generation Railway Projects and Technologies Industry Conference  

·                 on November 19,  2020

·                 Location : Digital Platform XperMeet

·                 organizer: IMC Organization - Industry Meetings Centre

 Under Support

·        RAYDER Association of Rail Transport Systems

Destekleyen Kuruluşlar


Mr. Hasan Görgülü

Ulaşım Planlama ve Raylı Sistem Dairesi Başkanlığı, KONYA BÜYÜKŞEHİR BELEDİYESİ / KONYA MUNICIPALITY

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o   Current Developments in the Railway Industry, High Speed Rail Projects

             Current Developments in Railway System Operation, Localization

o   What could be done to make localization movements sustainable ?

o   Application of Technology Transfer in Turkey

o   Current Legislations In The Rail Transport, Regulations

o   National Railway Industry Projects and Technologies

o   High Speed Rail Projects, SIGNALIZATION

o   Digital transformation Projects

o   National Electric Train Set Projects

o   National Locomotive and Freight Wagon Projects

o   National Rail Projects, Freight Transport,Logistic, Technological Developments & R&D

o   Determination of the shortest and most effective application of the methodology in our country rail vehicle technology in the World

o   R & D and Domestic Application Examples in Rail Systems

o   Freight Transport

o   Sectoral Evaluation After Liberalization


              List of Invited


·        Railway Technology Companies

·        Railway companies

·        Metro Companies

·        The rail supply industry Production Companies

·        The construction, heavy industry companies, signaling

·        Spare Parts manufacturers

·        Logistics companies

·        Trading Companies

·        Associations

·        Consulting Companies

·        Municipalities

·        Media