IMC Organization Industry Meeting Center under the roof, Steel Industry sector is a major force in Turkey's economy and industry in many ways the main and side industry representatives 5 * Flat Silence Hotel & Convention Center, on April 25, 2019 in Istanbul, 7th International Steel Industry and Sector Relations Conference was held with a successful organization.

TÇÜD General Series Veysel Yayan daily activities carried out in a single glance Bey Turkey and the world steel industry, Flat Steel Galvanized and developments in the sector, presentations for export and technological development were shared by senior executives with industry delegates.

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Turkey Steel Exporters' Association Chairman Mr. Mr. Namik Ekinci's closing speech was attended by the representatives of companies from different countries such as Japan, England, Germany and Libya, as well as many local companies, the Ministry of Industry and Technology, who led the Turkish Steel Sector.

The giants of the sector contributed to the conference by providing sponsorship and speaker support to the event, which also included the leading manufacturers of the sector.