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10th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Conference started with great participation IMC General Manager Neşe Atıcı made the opening speech of the Conference held at Istanbul Marriott Hotel Pendik. Atıcı started her speech with a dedication to the meaning and importance of the day and continued with a statement she gave to SteelRadar. Referring to the meaning and importance of Women's Day, Atıcı said; It is very pleasing that the number of women in the business world is increasing day by day. Being a woman who has been working for more than 30 years in business life is a reason of pride for me. Contributing to the steel industry, especially on a special day such as March 8th, and bringing together the representatives of the steel industry within the scope of our 10th anniversary event is a special pride. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all women laborers on International Women's Day. I hope that the value of women is truly recognized all over the world and that women find their rightful place in society." The conference, attended by senior executives and businessmen in the steel industry sector, continues with valuable sectoral topics. Veysel Yayan “We entered a troubled production process due to China” The 10th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Conference, supported by TÇÜD, TurkishSteel, Parket Makina, SteelRadar and Sideridraulic System, was held with the participation of valuable names. Veysel Yayan, Secretary General of the Turkish Steel Producers Association, who made the opening presentation of the program with his presentation titled 'Developments in the World and Turkish Steel Sector', started his speech by emphasizing March 8 International Women's Day. In his speech, Yayan said, “I am happy to see that our women are rapidly starting to take the place they deserve in our society. Our women have a great influence in the most influential places in Türkiye. There are areas where we are much better than other countries, and I hope this will be improved further. I congratulate all women on March 8, International Women's Day. "I would like to state that I am happy to be giving the opening speech for the tenth time at the meeting that is being held here for the tenth time," he said. TÇÜD Secretary General Veysel Yayan conveyed the developments in the steel industry in the world and in Türkiye at the 10th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Conference. Touching on many issues in his presentation, Yayan said, "We have gone through a troubled production process since China started to affect the world markets." “We never want to experience the earthquake images we experienced last year again.” Yayan, who started his presentation with Developments in the World and Turkish Steel Sector, said, "We see that GDP is increasing steadily. Normally, we would like the production of our steel sector to increase in parallel with the development in GDP and remain more or less the same, but it is not like that. Our steel industry's Its course is quite different. But in general, we are also affected in some way by the development in GDP. There is one main branch of production that is not much affected by this situation, and that is the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry sector grew steadily in all years except 2019. It is a sector similar to ours. But it has continuously shrunk in the remaining five years, except for this year, which showed improvement due to the impact of the earthquake. We evaluate that it will continue to grow after this year. Because earthquake-related construction activity will continue to be at the center of our efforts, which will take all our energy for many years to come. Because we will never again experience the images of the earthquake we experienced last year. We never want to live. Whatever happens now happens inside our home. Earthquakes also happen there. We hope that such a situation will not happen again. Our steel industry also has a big share in this regard. We don't have much space in our costs. The steel industry does not have any problems in terms of standards. We send rebar to countries with the highest quality expectations. He continued his speech by saying, "To be careful here, for example, in other areas." Teknopar R&D Manager Albayrak explained the steel industry and technological transformation The 10th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Conference organized by IMC Organization was hosted with the participation of many important names from the industry. Teknopar R&D Manager Özlem Albayrak emphasized the company's projects and the importance of digital transformation in the steel industry in her speech. Albayrak began his speech by talking about Teknopar and stated that they have completed more than 500 successful projects in 27 countries. He also pointed out that they have 93 project partners in 19 countries and 12 international projects funded by the European Union. Albayrak summarized the factors affecting the carbon footprint in the steel industry and emphasized the importance of production technology, energy source, materials, carbon acquisition technology, economic regulations, R&D studies and digital transformation studies. Explaining the focal point of digital transformation, Albayrak said that technology levels in the world are higher than in Türkiye, but Türkiye is open to improvement. Albayrak emphasized the importance of digitalization in the iron and steel casting sector until 2030 and said that these processes should be optimized with electronic technologies. Stating that the first stage of digitalization is data collection, Albayrak explained that this data should be cleaned, analyzed and processed, and then made usable. Albayrak also mentioned the importance of application development in digital transformation, and stated that data should be visualized in the final stage after the data is used and evaluated for the purpose set. Genco Bolaca "China must not launch any coal units to meet its 2060 target" The 10th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Conference, which gathered the steel industry together and featured valuable speakers from each other, brought many important issues related to the steel industry to the agenda. In his speech at the conference, Genco Bolaca, Foreign Trade Manager of GALEXSTEEL International, mentioned the carbon emission in China and said, "In order for China to achieve its 2060 target, it should not commission any coal power plants from now on." "They need to reduce their carbon emissions by about 4% and 6% within 2 years. China has published a 90-page decree on this. China's 2030 target is to commission renewable energy sources. They are currently around 51%. If China realizes its targets, its growth rate will be 6%." Bolaca also pointed to the costs of renewable energy sources and said that renewable energy is not only beneficial in terms of cost, but also that a 1 million dollar investment in renewable energy provides three times more employment than a 1 million dollar investment in fossil resources." Sustainability and carbon reduction in Türkiye's steel industry for the future The 10th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Conference, organized by IMC Organization, gathered leading industry representatives with the support of the Turkish Steel Exporters' Association. Borçelik Sales Director Ozan Faik Tumba, one of the leading figures of the conference, discussed important issues focusing on sustainability and carbon reduction in the steel industry.Faik Tumba's presentation included critical topics such as transition to green energy, decarbonization in the steel industry, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies, CBAM and ETS, global trade issues, European steel market.Particularly, Faik Tumba emphasized the responsibilities assumed by the steel industry and the measures to be taken in an environment of increasing concerns about global warming and climate change. In the presentation, it was pointed out that Borçelik, in partnership with 50 percent Borusan and 50 percent Arcelormittal, produces in Gemlik and uses its own ports for imports and exports. Giving detailed information on the emission trading system and the Carbon Regulation Mechanism at the Border, Tumba warned that the increase in temperature worldwide could lead to serious consequences with climate change.Tumba stated that following the regulations that started in 1990 with the Kyoto Protocol, Türkiye has committed to reduce its emission increase until 2038, while the European Union is moving forward with a 50 percent reduction target by 2030. Faik Tumba stated that carbon emission trading started in the European Union in 2005, while Türkiye does not yet have an ETS system, but the ministry is working on this issue. Informing about the 2023 Carbon Adjustment Mechanism at the Border, Tumba explained that countries exporting to Europe will have to report their carbon emissions as of 2023. He also emphasized that this is important for Türkiye in terms of maintaining its competitive advantage in trade with Europe.Faik Tumba pointed out the risk of Türkiye falling behind in exports to Europe if it does not yet have an ETS system, saying, "Europe is our best trade partner. Türkiye has to maintain its trade with Europe not only in iron and steel but also in other product groups. For this reason, the ETS system will be an important step for our future exports." Türkiye is the world's fourth largest steel importer Yiğit Can Kurtkaya, Market Research Analyst at Turkish Steel Exporters, made a presentation at the 10th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Conference, supported by the Turkish Steel Exporters' Association (TÇİB) and hosted by IMC Organisation. The conference, which was held at the Istanbul Marriott Pendik Hotel to keep the pulse of the steel industry, brought together the leading representatives of the steel industry and evaluated the latest developments in the global and local steel market. Yiğit Can Kurtkaya, Market Research Analyst at Turkish Steel Exporters, discussed the issues that constitute the focus of the steel industry in the world and Turkey within the scope of the conference. In his presentation supported by graphs, he explained in detail the increases and decreases in Turkey's steel exports on product basis. According to Kurtkaya, steel exports to the European Union increased by 90 per cent in January and February. However, despite this positive picture, they are still behind compared to 2021 and 2022, he said. Stating that Turkey is the fourth largest steel importer, Kurtkaya said that 20.3 million tonnes of steel imports were imported in 2023, an increase of 12.5% compared to the previous year. Kurtkaya emphasised the 16% contribution of the Turkish steel industry to the economy and stated that the conference shed light on the future of the industry. Flat Steel Hub has shared green solutions and CBAM strategies for the steel industry Organized by IMC Organization at the 10th International Steel Industry and Production Technologies Conference, Flat Steel Hub Managing Partner Tuğba Cimenci shared important information about the company's activities and trade strategies. Based in Türkiye, the foreign trade steel company has been providing services with a network of more than 200 suppliers since 2019. Cimenci talked about the company's product range in her speech, noting that they mainly trade flat products, stainless and carbon steel, as well as titanium and nickel alloys used in the petrochemical and medical industries. Mr. Cimenci also explained CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism), which was established to prevent carbon leakage in the European Union. She explained that CBAM is a mechanism that aims to control the imports of companies producing within the European Union in order to reduce carbon taxes. Stating that the sector covers iron and steel, aluminum, cement, electricity, fertilizer and hydrogen as of May 2023, Cimenci added that the number of sectors may increase in the coming years and CBAM may have a wider scope by 2026. She emphasized that there are currently 6 sectors being covered

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