5th New Generation Automotive Industry Conference

This is a 1 day event which brings together industry professionals to discuss current issues in the automotive  industry  and to share their views and knowledge.

The event also provides several  opportunities to the exhibitors such as having network with sectoral  leaders, following latest technology developments, founding new business relations and developing existing ones.

Date & location:

·                    5th New Generation Automotive Industry Conference

·                    on May 11,  2023

·                    in 5*The Green Park Pendik Hotel & Convention Center,Istanbul/ İSTANBUL

·                    hotel link www.thegreenparkpendik.com

FOR REGISTRATION FORM: nese@imcorganization.com

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Mr. Murat Palaoğlu

KPMG Türkiye Gümrük ve Dış Ticaret Hizmetleri Bölüm Lideri, Vergi Bölümü Şirket Ortağı

Nihat Yıldırım

General Manager, ALEN GmbH ALuminium Engineering Advanced Lightweight ENgineering

Mehmed Hamdi Erdoğan

Sanayi Genel Müdürlüğü, T.C. Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakanlığı / Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology

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·         Automotive Industry and International Competition, Global Market Competition

·         Strengthening of National Industry for International Competition 

·         The Effects of the EU Green Aggreement on the Automotive Industry

·         Combating Climate Change

·         General Evaluation and expectations of Automotive Industry in 2022, 2023 EXPECTATIONS

·         Green Vehicle Systems

·         Electric and autonomous vehicles, Hybrid Vehicles

·         New generation transformation projects and applications in Automotive Industry

·         Geleceğin Mobilite Teknolojileri ve Etkileyen Faktörler

·          Future Mobility Technologies and Affecting Factors

·         Investment and Incentive Programmes, Tax

·         Scrap Vehicle Programmes and Their Effects on Economy

·         Sector Relations : “Steel, Energy & Environment”, Innovation Supports,  Strategies

·         Innovation, Communication and Mobility in Automative Industry

·         Fuel Saving, Eco Friendly (Hybrid,Electric) Vehicles

·         Reducing the CO2 Exhaust Gas Emission

·         New Generation Steel

·         Automative Industry Export, Supply Chain

·         Export, Procurement and Management of Projects

·         R & D Projects, Testing and Certification

·         Logistics Management, Ports with  Auto-Port Features and Transportation Infrastructure

·         Technological Developments

·         Management of Technology

·         Motor Efficiency, Sensors

·         Smart Drive Systems

·         New Technologies to Provide Security During Production and in Material


Why Exhibit?

·         To following the new developments in the industry.

·         Manufacturer and supplier companies to meet or collaborations with professional development opportunities

·         Meeting with the purchasing manager of the manufacturer

·         To meet new technology for the strengthening of national industry, to follow the new regulations