IMC organization will organize a conference on 7th International Cement Industry & Technologies Conference  in 5Altın Yunus Resort & Thermal Hotel, İzmir Çeşme, on 18 June 2020 

Our conference also will give cement producers, energy and environmet sector companies, traders, construction companies, concrete producers, logistics and technology companies an opportunity to analize local and regional developments, developments in technology of cement industry ( and other related sectors like Energy and Environment)

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Hayrettin Can

General Manager, DİSAN Hidrolik Mak. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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Conference  Topics;

A view of Turkey and the World Cement Industry

       1915 Çanakkale Bridge Project 

       Innovative Projects 

       Status of the global  FX and energy markets , with focus on fossil fuels and forecasts for 2020 2 H. 

       Waste Management

·        Energy efficiency and Innovation

·        Industry 4.0, Digitalization

·        Sustainability and using alternatıve solid fuels in cement industry

·        Importance of Cement in the Construction Sector

·        Cement Sector Export, Sustainability, Competition

·        Latest developments in cement exports

·        North & West Africa Markets

·        Environmental and Technological Transformation towards Sustainability in the Cement Sector

·        R&D